About NSAA


Our intention is that intercollegiate athletics, among association members, be an integral part of the total educational experience and process. Through athletics, student-athletes experience and understand themselves, others, and the world in which they live. In the act of competition there is   an emphasis on commitment, cooperation and team work, high achievement, and working toward a mutual goal. Member institutions, although varied and diverse, share a common commitment to principles, high standards of character development, moral integrity, and social values. The North Star Athletic Association encourages these principles, standards, and values.

The association and its member institutions are subject to the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) rules and regulations. The welfare of the association, like that of the NAIA, is based upon the integrity of member institutions as defined in the champion of character program. The association embraces the concept of acting so as to bring about the greatest possible good to the association and considers related information and positions when making decisions that will impact either the association or its member institutions.



The purpose of the NSAA is to provide a forum in which member colleges may participate in intercollegiate athletics with institutions that share common goals for their athletic programs. The Association shall provide regulation, supervision, leadership, and promotion among and for its member institution's intercollegiate athletic programs. Institutions electing to join the association share the belief that the athletic program of a member institution is an integral part of the total educational purpose of the institution. Such a program is the ultimate responsibility of the President at each member institution and must be subject to the control of the faculty and administration in each case. In addition, the NSAA seeks to be: 

  • Organization viewed as a strong conference with national prominence and significant national committee representation
  • Spirited and healthy rivalries with a competitive balance between member institutions
  • Sustainable and stable organization
  • Quality student-athlete experiences with comprehensive opportunities